Communication: Marketing, Advertising, Publicity

Communication is a broad field that deals with the contact between consumers and providers of goods and services. It encompasses several fields–marketing, advertising, public relations etc.–and the boundaries among them are not always very clear. For this reason, these days we usually hear of Integrated (or integrative) Marketing Communication. This is a relatively new professional field which ensures that the lives of existing and new brands are long and successful.

The main concern of this profession is to coordinate the appearance of a brand across different marketing platforms, such as stores, catalogues, and the Internet. Since the Internet has introduced a whole new level of demands on designers to make all kinds of products look appealing (from shoes to video games), this is a growing field which hires graduates from all kinds of majors, from the humanities, to math and science, to fine arts. The mobile devices are creating an additional source of pressure on marketers because they have to ensure that their products are relevant to users of smartphones and pads. Because of their close relationship to the developments in the new media, branding and integrated marketing communication are a kind of Internet careers.

As a consequence of changes for the corporations and brands that came about with the Internet and mobile devices, there are now new jobs that didn’t use to exist before we had all the new ways of shopping and all the new ways of gathering information about merchandise and services. We provide some examples in the pages related to this section, on Advertising, Public Relations, Sales, etc.


Relevant Education Programs

The relevant programs for those who wish to work in advertising, marketing, public relations, and related fields are all committed by now to approaches that recognize the change in the markets from stores on the ground to mostly Internet-based sales and marketing. These programs specialize in so-called integrative marketing and communication. While the best of these programs are located all over the country (and the world), there are several in New York City.

newschoolThe New School for Public Management offers an MA program in Media Studies. The program “prepares students for a wide range of careers, including advertising, journalism, TV and radio, online media, media research, social advocacy, and education. Some graduates go on to earn a PhD and stay in academia. Others seek creative careers as filmmakers, artists, and communication designers.”

citycollegeCity College CUNY offers a Master of Arts in Branding + Integrated Communications, which is a “36-credit, portfolio-driven Master of Arts Program in the Media & Communication Arts Department at The City College of New York. The MA in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) is a graduate program. A laboratory. A think tank. An executive training ground. A place to roll up your sleeves and figure out how communication creates meaning and adds value: To a company. For the consumer. In society.”

pacePace University offers a Master of Science in Social Media and Mobile Marketing. The program is “designed for marketing managers, advertising executives, IT professionals, and strategic managers who seek to develop their skills in integrated marketing communications to enhance conversations with customers. The program integrates digital and traditional media to position firms for effective communication strategies considering the impact new media has on the marketplace.”

columbiaColumbia University offers a Master of Science in Strategic Communications. The program is “designed for professionals in leadership positions across a wide range of industries having communications as a critical competency. The 16-month program focuses on the critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills essential to developing and implementing communications strategies that advance an organization’s goals and mission. The program is offered on an executive education schedule, combining on-site Saturday courses and three four-day residencies enhanced by an innovative online learning platform.”